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ListenUp Academy: Bringing out the Best Audiobook Performances via Backstage

June 3, 2015

Heather Quinlan of Backstage interviews our Talent Director and narration coach, Kristin Kalbli.


Kristin Kalbli HeadshotListenUp Audiobooks is an award-winning, spoken-word audio production company and audiobook publisher. They’re also the largest full-production audiobook studio in the Southeast, and the only one in Atlanta, Ga. Recently, they spun off an educational division called ListenUp Academy that focuses on developing talent in the audiobook industry. Their Talent Director, Kristin Kalbli, talked to us about the Academy’s goals, what she looks for in a voiceover artist, and the difference between working on audiobooks and commercials.

What’s your role at ListenUp Academy?
I’m the Talent Director, so I coach and teach audiobook narration. I was a theater and English major, so this job is the perfect marriage of the two.