ListenUp Talent Services is a full service recording haven for voiceover artists. Whether you are a brand new novice to voice work or a professional narrator, we can help you reach your goals. Centrally located in Atlanta, Georgia, we are equipped with 7 audio studios and provide complete audio recording services with production and audio engineering. We offer script preparation and coaching from lead narrators and directors, creating an environment where talent steps up to the microphone and exceeds expectations through creativity and spoken word. With ListenUp Talent Services, you can create an exceptional demo reel with resources tailored to create a compelling performance, seamless process, and unique voice reel that will clearly showcase the spectrum of your talent.

 We offer audio packages including narration demo production and one-on-one coaching. We also offer home studio set-up and headshot packages.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? ListenUp Academy’s Services wants to help you accomplish your goals.

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