In Home Studio Set-Up

In Home Studio Set Up:  $75/hr (2 hour minimum)

From post production suites and foley stages to live music venues and personal home studios, our engineers have an cumulative 20 plus years of experience and are well suited to bring any studio setting – large or small, home or professional – to industry standards. No matter your budget or space, our technicians will customize your home studio to get the most out of what is readily available to meet your audio needs.
Home studios are about logistics and ease of use. We will make sure that you fully understand how your gear works, is wired, and that you will be able to enjoy the recording experience as much as we do! Your technician will be able answer any questions that you may have and make suggestions for mic placement/acoustic management for you in the moment, as well as in the future. After all, we designed the recording space together, so who would know better than our technicians what the next logical up-grade would be for your needs, in your space? Our technicians will be available via-email to make this as thorough an experience as possible.

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