What people are saying about ListenUp Academy workshops:

  • “I learned a LOT of practical things about how to create a specific character voice, and then, being able to actually DO it was so much fun, and so beneficial, since we were able to make choices, perform them, and then learn why they did or didn’t work, which, for me, is the best way to really learn something!”
  • “Kristen, I got so much from your classes on Intro to Audiobooks. I appreciated how prepared you were with very informative Power Points that contained crucial information and the examples of different audio readings that were also clarified the different delivery styles.  Your coaching was right on; it was clear and understandable and made each of us better at the task of voice over delivery.”
  • “I just wanted to thank you for a really terrific workshop on Saturday… The information you gave was clear, informative and very succinct for 3 hours. There’s always the fear in something like that that you get 2 parts anecdotes of someone’s kids or careers and one part information. That was not the case at all. The time flew by and I never felt like my time was being wasted for a moment.”
  • “I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday.  You gave a wealth of information!  By making it informal enough to ask questions throughout the presentation (versus waiting until the end) it helped to clarify things as they came up which, for me, is a very effective way of making sure each subject is understood. You presented in such a way that the time flew by and I could have gone another two hours at least!”
  • “I have taken other workshops, but I compliment you on your teaching style. I learned so much in your workshop and you brought some key points to life for me such as, how long can you read before your voice gives out, do you have the endurance to sit in a booth for 4, 5 or maybe even 6 hours. You covered so much in 3 hours I was very impressed.”
  • “Listen up to ListenUp’s Kristin Kalbli! Her info-packed workshop for aspiring audiobook narrators is a great introduction to the industry as well as a useful way to sharpen the skills of those of us who have already recorded audiobooks. Required listening!” -Narrator Linda Sherbert
  • “I attended your workshop today and I want to thank you for an excellent experience. The content covered the topics I wanted to learn about and the time was structured effectively. Having the chance to listen to various auditions and hear your feedback was helpful, as were the live readings at the end of the session.

    The Power Point presentation addressed a lot of information clearly and simply. I was able to capture the pertinent points and resources easily. I enjoyed the stories about your own experiences as a narrator. You use humor naturally and have a strong connection with your audience. The workshop taught me and entertained me – a wonderful combination!”



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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I’ve taken the past 2 saturday workshops, Intro to Audiobook Narration and Creating Character Voices. Both of these workshops have been very informative and detailed offering me a glimpse into the world of Audiobook Narration. I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to practice on the microphone and receive feedback on my reading from Kristin. I have signed up for the last 2 workshops in this series as well and I’m looking forward to many more jewels of knowledge that Kristin Kalbli has to offer!

  2. The Introduction to Audiobook Narration course was great: well-organized, very informative, and engaging. I hope to take more workshops and in the meantime am practicing, as Kristin suggested, by reading aloud in my closet (actually my home office). Thanks again for a fun and valuable afternoon.

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