Narration/Voice Over

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At ListenUp Academy, we offer the following classes on a regular basis. Please keep an eye on our events calendar for the current schedule and special events.

Introduction to Audiobooks for Aspiring Narrators

Instructor: Kristin Kalbli
In this class you will learn:
– The technical skills you need to narrate audiobooks
– The performance skills you need to narrate audiobooks
– How to know if you are ready to audition for audiobooks
– How to make your audiobook auditions stand out
– How to expand your catalog of character voices
– How to approach different genres and styles of narration
– What steps are involved in producing an audiobook
– Where you can get started

Creating Character Voices for Audiobooks

Instructor: Kristin Kalbli
In this class you will learn:
– What makes a character voice engaging, evocative and appropriate
– The elements of voice that comprise vocal characterization
– Resources and practice with character accents
– Practice creating new character voices to expand your personal “cast” of characters
– Practice creating character dialogue that is authentically performed

No Fear Non-Fiction: Narrating the Facts

Instructor: Kristin Kalbli
In this class you will learn:
– The different genres of non fiction and how to approach them
– Reading statistics, facts, charts, formulae, etc. in audiobooks
– Practice approaching business, history, sports, and political texts
– Practice with memoir, biography and autobiography
– How to make non-fiction engaging and interesting

Auditioning for Audiobooks: How to Book that Book!

Instructor: Kristin Kalbli
In this class you will learn
– How to prep audition sides for audiobooks
– The importance of having a point of view on the material
– How to choose appropriate character voices for the sides
– How to make your reads sound engaging and connected to the listener
– What to expect in the audition process

Finding YA Voice

Instructor: Casey Holloway

The keys to unlocking Young Adult narration

With stories about vampires, wizards, and dystopian future son the rise, the market has become flooded with Young Adult (YA) fiction. The industry is in need of top notch YA narrators now more than ever. The genre’s audience members are some of the trickiest to please. In this workshop you will learn the in and outs of what makes a great YA narrator and how to utilize your skills to reach and engage the YA audiobook listener.

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